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Students using trainer trike to learn ground handling.

Do I Really Need Training?

While training is not legally required, it increases safety and you'll gain knowledge that would otherwise take years to acquire. At Almost Heaven PPG, you'll benefit from our 20+ years of experience and thousands of hours in the air in various conditions and locations.

"Training is already one

of the riskiest aspects of

a pilot's journey; self-training, free training or otherwise inadequate. Training is

far riskier."

                           – USPPA

What Should I Expect During Training?

We will set goals for you so that, step-by-step, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to fly smart, safe and confident. We focus on safety from day one and throughout the course. Our curriculum is a combination of hands-on and classroom discussions. The syllabus is based on USPPA curriculum.

Training is physically demanding, particularly for foot-launch students, especially in the first few days.

Training typically takes 5-7 days. The length of training varies student to student and will be paced according to your aptitude and abilities. We have small classes (2 students) allowing for one-on-one instruction opportunities.


Our fee includes rental of all equipment needed for training (kiting harness, simulator, paramotor, glider, helmet and radio).


Course including rental


$500 deposit due beforehand to reserve your spot and the remainder is due upon arrival.

*Camping is available or we can provide you with hotel information.

Some of the Areas Covered in Training Include:

• Do's & Don'ts
• FAR 103
• Preflight | Post Flight
• Precision Landing


• Fundamentals of Airspace
• Launching
• Responsibilities | Regulations

• Choosing Proper Equipment
• Common Misconceptions
• Kiting (controlling) Gliders

• Safety
• Equipment Basics
• Motor Maintenance
• Glider Care

• PPG Etiquette
• Weather




"I've been flying for 2yrs now thanks to Darien. You cannot ask for a better instructor/teacher. The guy is just a good dude wanting to teach others how to safely enjoy this great sport. He is probably the best and most experienced trainers you will find within the surrounding states. He's not trying force you in the air like some instructors do. It's been 2yrs and I can call today if I have a question and he will gladly help me out. This is something you need to do, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life, definitely the best investment I've ever made!!"

—  Mitch Malone, Student