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If you plan to train with us, please wait until after training to purchase equipment.

PPG equipment is continually improving to be more efficient and easier to launch. While used equipment is readily available online, be cautious as they are often outdated, problematic or inappropriate for your needs. Remember the old adage,


"if it's looks too good to be true; it probably is."

Often the seller themselves are not knowledgeable enough to evaluate if it is a good fit for you. Just because you're trying to save some money, choosing to purchase used without having your instructor guide you, may very well be a waste of your money. This is one of the reasons we highly encourage you to wait until after training to purchase equipment. You will be able to make an educated and effective choice when it comes to your equipment.

Included in our training fee is rental of our modern, up-to-date and well maintained equipment for our students to use during training. This is to ensure you learn on safe equipment chosen for you, for your size and skill level throughout the training. You will be exposed to several brands and models. There will be differences you prefer. There are multiple companies who offer excellent equipment. There is no BEST that can be applied unilaterally.



We primarily offer two brands of gliders and each have multiple models and styles


MacPara gliders are known for stable and well-made gliders. Decades of research and design goes into their products. See for yourself.

BGD (Bruce Goldsmith Design) gliders are among the most colorful and eye-catching gliders on the market.


We primarily offer four brands of paramotors. All brands can come with almost any motor on them and each have a long history of providing quality equipment.


P.A.P. paramotors have been offering quality equipmment since 1989. Many competitors world-wide choose to fly P.A.P.


Miniplane paramotors have been offering quality equipment since 1987 and released its well known Top80 motor in 1997


Kangook was established in 2008 when they developed the world's first paramotor to offer a cage with interchangeable section

ProPulse Titan

ProPulse by Aerolight has been offering quality equipment since 1988. ProPulse is known for being light weight yet strong and powerful.

Most paramotors can be purchased with the engine of your choice such as Top80, Vittorazi, Adam 80, and Moster185 Plus, EOS or Polini.

Most paramotors can also be used on wheels in a trike or quad style.

We are dealers for several brands so our students can see and compare the options among these reputable companies. If you prefer a different brand, we can assist with that too.