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We are a certified USPPA school that trains foot-launch and wheel-launch students to become PPG pilots. Our students benefit from small classes allowing for one-on-one training opportunities.

Meet Darian Fields


USPPA certified instructor, Darian Fields, began flying PPG in 1998 when the sport was still in its infancy in the US and equipment options were still limited. He has trained students on a part-time basis before making the leap to open an official school. Darian is one of the most experienced PPG pilots in the US and one of the most knowledgeable instructors.

in addition to PPG, Darian is also a PPC (powered parachute) pilot and has been an instructor and dealer for almost 20 years. He holds a sport pilot license and also flies weight-shift trikes.

Though his profession often keeps him up amongst the clouds, Darian has a very down-to-earth type of personality. he has a way of putting students at ease during training by using the proper mix of patience, consistency, humor and expertise to mold them into PPG pilots.

Even as a small child, Kari dreamed of soaring like a bird. When she met Darian she was happy learn he is a pilot. They enjoyed flying in his PPC and his weight-shift trike together for years. However, when Kari would watch Darian fly his PPG, it was obvious how more more bird-like it glides and soars. This is what led to them flying PPG tandem.

They flew tandem PPG for years before Kari got the burning desire to become a PPG pilot herself. Darian trained her and on her very first solo flight, she knew her dream had come true.

In July 2018, Kari had a major health crisis that started with a heart attack and related complications which left her paralized in her left leg. She was devastated by the thought of not being able to continue to fly PPG. However, with determination and a few modifications, she can still fly her PPG trike. Kari was back in the sky just a few days after graduating from inpatient physical rehab where she learned to compensate for her handicap. That first flight back was as rewarding as her very first flight.



Meet Kari Fields

We are now happy to share our love of PPG with others. We want to help you achieve your dream of flight too. Give us a call today so you too can soar like a bird.